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Pure Confidence in Business - improve your business skills, improve your results

NLP is frequently used as a business development tool and offers both rapid and effective results as well as highly stimulating waysbuddawiggi handshake Flickr of enhancing the business skills and performance of you and your employees. NLP can make an enormous difference to your life and to the success of your business.

What is NLP

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming in essence gives you the tools to be more consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and focuses on enhanced communication and change. For example, our belief systems can be limiting or empowering. Many of us are held back from reaching our true potential as we hold one or many limiting beliefs, perhaps because of a comment about our capabilities that was made as far back as our school days. NLP can help reconnect you with your full range of resources and thus put you more in control and able to improve the quality of your life.

Which business areas can NLP coaching help with?

NLP training or coaching can significantly develop your staff. A personalised training plan could cover the following areas:

  • How to build effective teams and developing an individual's motivation levels - work out what makes others tick.
  • Goal setting - work out where you want to go and how to get there, as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Help you to better plan and organise including a more streamlined management of your time and resources.
  • Learn strategies to improve your confidence in presentation skills/public speaking. Learn how to make powerful presentations, connecting with everyone in the audience in a relaxed and professional manner.
  • Improve how you deal with and manage other people. How to increase rapport and influence others with integrity.
  • Write effective marketing copy using powerful words which influence and lead to action.
  • Enjoy more effective negotiation skills - using your body language and listening skills to build rapport, stay calm and relaxed and achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Enhance sales development skills - for example, coaching a sales executive who is nervous about cold calling new prospects, helping them create strong sales relationships and close more deals with integrity and finesse.

Why Pure Confidence?

Jo Ellis, the owner of Pure Confidence has over 20 years of corporate experience working in senior Sales and Marketing roles before she retrained as a NLP coach and Hypnotherapist and is passionate about self development and success. Jo's aim with her coaching is to make give her clients the tools to help themselves.

What options are available?

We can come to your business and hold either training workshops or 1-2-1 sessions with your staff. Alternatively, your staff members can come to our offices in Sompting, West Sussex at a time convenient to them away from the office environment.

All training is bespoke to meet your exact requirements and is developed following a full consultation to understand what you need for YOUR business.

What to do now?

Book Your Complimentary Coaching Call

If you would like more information or would like to book a coaching programme for you or your employees, please call for a chat so we can work out your exact needs. Call us now on 0800 644 0673 or email

"I went to see Pure Confidence when I was planning to go to some interviews, I get very nervous and wanted some calming techniques I could use to ensure I didn't mess up! I had an NLP session with Jo (who is the nicest person ever and makes you feel very relaxed) and it really, really helped me, she has an amazing way to relax you and get you talking through your concerns to focus on positives. Amongst the techniques, I will remember that a good amount of nerves helps you perform. These techniques can help me in all areas of my life. Thanks Jo, you're amazing." C, West Sussex

"I had tried many different methods to get me to who i believed i could be, but something always stood in the way - trust! I never trusted anybody enough to seek help, but i was recommended to Jo by someone very close and gave it a chance. From the first minute of each session to the last, i laugh, i smile and i have fun. Who would have thought it possible to laugh when talking about your biggest demons? Jo is absolutely fantastic and i cannot recommend her highly enough. Give it a try and see who you are destined to be. Thank you Jo"

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" I highly recommend Joanna as a hypnotherapist and a coach, your understanding, empathy and techniques that you use yourself are second to none" - Jo, Forest Row

"Jo has the fantastic ability to make you feel relaxed and safe. Because of this, Jo was able to find the stronger, more positive me. Thank you."

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Pure Confidence is based in Sompting, West Sussex. We are in easy reach of Crawley, Brighton and Worthing and a little over an hour south of London.

Joanna Ellis is a full time qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner fully insured and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

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