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Reduce your alcohol consumption with Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching

  • Maybe you find yourself worrying about what happened the night before after a few drinks
  • Maybe you drink to help you deal with certain situations
  • Maybe you feel you need to drink in certain situations or with certain people
  • Perhaps you use alcohol to reward yourself after a stressful day at work
  • Do you want to drink less and get more control in your life?
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More information on Drink Less Alcohol Hypnosis Consultations.

More information on our Drink Less Alcohol MP3's and CD Recordings

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Regain control by drinking less

Drink Less Alcohol Hypnosis/Coaching

Drinking has been part of the British culture for years. A worrying trend however is the increase in binge drinking which is frequently reported in the news. However, drinking too much and binge drinking does not just affect the streets of Britain, it also occurs on a daily basis in homes and offices and affects all age groups not just the young.

Department of Health guidelines recommend a maximum alcohol intake of three to four units per day for men and two to three units for women, 5.9 million of us in the UK admit that we sometimes drink more than twice that amount.

Many people slip into excess drinking without even realising it. You may be suffering increased stress at work or perhaps you have got into a habit of opening a bottle of wine each night as a way to relax.

The good news is that by using a combination of hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP, we can help and the results can be much easier than you think.

How many sessions will I need before I start drinking less?

Many people change their relationship with alcohol after just the one or two sessions. We also offer a six session drink less programme which goes into more depth behind the emotional and lifestyle reasons for your drinking habits.

What happens during a typical hypnotherapy session for binge drinking/drinking too much?

We will simply begin with a chat to find out a bit more about your relationship with alcohol. By understanding why you drink, I will be able to tailor the hypnotherapy to suit your exact needs. We will then work together to explore how you can find other ways to deal with situations where you may have used to use alcohol as an emotional buffer.

Testimonial for drinking less hypnosisThe hypnotherapy starts with some simple relaxation and visualisation techniques. Your mind is made up of two parts — the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind knows why you should be drinking less, however it is your subconscious mind which controls your behaviour.

When you are in a relaxed hypnotic trance, we can access your subconscious mind to develop better drinking habits and say goodbye to over drinking for good! By making the changes at the subconscious level, they are more deep-rooted and longer lasting.

During the hypnotherapy session, you will

  • Practice and learn relaxation and visualisation exercises to help you relax without the need for alcohol
  • Learn self hypnosis to give you the tools to help yourself in the future
  • Learn how to reprogramme your mind with new helpful drinking habits.

Does it work?

Hypnotherapy works best when you come with an open mind and are ready for change. By visiting this website, It is likely that you have reached the point where you have had enough of your drinking habits and are searching for a solution. The good news is that the more you want hypnotherapy to work and the more confidence you have in it, the more successful it will be! You are in control at all times. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions throughout the session.

Where are you based?

Pure Confidence has offices in Lingfield, Surrey and in Sompting near to Worthing and Brighton. We also offer telephone, SKYPE or FACETIME sessions.

Drink Less Alcohol Hypnosis MP3 Recordings

You can also buy any of the following Hypnosis MP3's to use in the comfort of your own home. Alcohol Moderation, Binge Drinking Moderation or Alcohol Cessation. The Hypnosis MP3's cost £6.99 and are professionally recorded by expert hypnotherapists. CD-Roms are also available to purchase.

Buy a drink less alcohol download now.

What to do next?

If you would like help to reduce the amount you drink or to give up drinking completely, please give me a call on Freephone 0800 644 0673 or send me an email to discuss your options. I look forward to working with you to help you create positive change in your life and an exciting new future!

Some top tips to reduce the amount you drink:-

  • Start with a soft drink - you will often drink the first drink quickly to quench your thirst - then alternate your alcoholic drinks with a soft drink.
  • Find out how many units are in your drinks and limit yourself to three or four units (men) or two or three units (women) per day.
  • If you know you always drink a lot with certain friends, try to go out with them less often or arrange to do something different such as trip to the cinema or shopping away from alcohol.
  • Drink plenty of water and enjoy a full meal before you go out.
  • Avoid drinking in rounds, as it encourages everyone to drink at the same rate as the fastest drinker.
  • Have a no tolerance attitude to drinking alcohol and driving and try and drive more often!

The NHS alcohol unit calculator below to help you plan a night out, or help you work out how much you drank last night. It's very easy to use: simply click on your drink, add the drink's strength and volume and calculate the units. You can also calculate and add up the units of multiple drinks.

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" I highly recommend Joanna as a hypnotherapist and a coach, your understanding, empathy and techniques that you use yourself are second to none" - Jo, Forest Row

"Jo has the fantastic ability to make you feel relaxed and safe. Because of this, Jo was able to find the stronger, more positive me. Thank you."

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