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How hypnosis and coaching has helped these Pure Confidence clients...

All comments have been posted with the kind permission of the authors.

Business Coaching

Christine - Business Coaching

'Had an amazing coaching session with the fantastic Joanna Ellis. Did you know the most successful people all have coaches? Be it sport, politics, business or life. I'm blessed to have such wonderful coach with beautiful surroundings.'

'You are just what I needed to focus the mind now the boys are back at college and school. All the greatest people in life have a coach and Jo I'm blessed to have you. Thank you for today'



Earlier this year I had the pleasure of bumping into one particularly happy, smiley lady. This lady was DellaLamdenpreparing for an insight into an area of expertise that she practises in her business. This lady went on to present her skills to the group, and left us all feeling completely inspired and good about ourselves. Since then, this lady has become a friend. Yesterday this lady excelled beyond all my expectations on a very personal level to help me understand a serious issue that has recently affected my life. Joanna Ellis you are one very gifted, VERY special lady. THANK YOU from the bottom of what was a very heavy heart. I can't recommend you highly enough. x x People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually! Pure Confidence is the place to go.

Wasp PhobiaHarriet - Wasp Phobia

I have always had a fear of wasps, ever since I was young. Even as an adult, I would almost have a coronary if one so much as came within 50 yards! It would ruin summer lunches spend in the garden. I got married last summer and really didn't want this to be an issue at the reception. I therefore decided to try hypnotherapy with Jo. She was brilliant. In just one session, my fear of wasps was reduced to one of mutual respect. I found that I would no longer run for cover the the sight of a wasp and occasionally not even notice them. I also found that I had more control over other fears in my life too. My wedding day was perfect and I have perfect wasp free memories.

Dealing with our inner dialogue/motivation


Jo, I just want to thank you for the recent (and continuing) work you have done with me through both hypnotherapy and coaching, enabling many foggy paths to clear and for clarity to improve no end... with you, I see blue skies. You have also been such a help to keep me motivated during recent events; your professional conduct is always so well balanced with humour and lateral thinking, plus you manage to find the time to study different methods and theories to bring yet more value to the table - and fascinating stuff it is too! I am very happy to recommend you to anyone in need of coaching as your greatest gift is that of working WITH your clients to reach the end goal, not forcing your views upon them. We laugh, we discuss, we achieve. Bless you, Jo x

Sarah L - West Sussex

General Hypnotherapy

Jo is a rare breed in that she is extremely accomplished in the science of hypnotherapy, but on top of that she brings an unerring excitement to her work through her knowledge NLP and its benefits, Matt - testimonialand throws in a good mix of life affirming positivity, so that after a session with Jo, you cannot fail to come out with a greater sense of direction, contentment and understanding of the cosmic influences of our fascinating existence.

I came to Jo with a desire to address some of the negative patterns in my lifestyle and to change up. I left with a new curiosity about how my mind operates, and what makes me tick. There are commonalities within all of us, and Jo enabled me to tap into my subconscious mind through a variety of practices, to understand how to influence my thoughts and decisions positively. She's a fantastic teacher. She listens, she cares a lot, and it's easy to see that she loves what she does, and is well learned.

Since finding Jo and working with her through our sessions, I have been able to confront some of my fears, and change my behaviour, enabling me to live a happier, healthier life. She is amazing.

Matt, Dormansland

Michelle - confidence with Horse Riding


Confidence with Horse Riding

After a session with Jo at Pure Confidence my confidence in my horse riding as improved no end. After witnessing 2 bad accidents my confidence went and i was unable to ride my own horse without being petrified, this lasted over a year, which resulted in me selling my horse. I got in contact with Jo and just after 1 session she made me look at things differently. I know have a new horse and am able to ride with confidence. The techniques Jo has taught me, means i can use them when i need to.


Nail Biting Vicki - Testimonial

I went to see Jo for some help to stop biting my nails. This is something I have lived with for 30 years. I had tried to stop previously using a nasty tasting nail solution which did not work for me. The only thing that stopped me getting to my nails was having expensive acrylic nails applied. Even then I would pick at them and try and peel them off causing damage to the nail bed.

I knew I had to stop when my young daughter started biting at her nails. This was when I turned to Jo. She was friendly and put me at ease with her calm manner. We spoke about my motivations for doing this and the end result I was hoping to achieve. After just one session I was able to beat the habit. My hands look so different now, and I am able to lead by example with my daughter.

Thank you Jo for my beautiful new nails

Mel - TestimonialWasp Phobia

I have used Jo at Pure Confidence for a wasp Phobia , which was so severely deep rooted I couldn't even look at a photo !! After the session I was able to look at pictures & even touch the pictures which were stuck on the fridge door for weeks after - just to keep myself challenged !!! I can now look after myself when I see a wasp instead of running a mile !! She is Lovely, friendly & professional .


Business Coaching

Jo is a very inspiring lady and she always makes you feel individual and special. Her interpersonal skills are unmatched and has a calming,friendly and professional approach to her work. I saw her a couple of times and each time had fantastic results. I would recommend her to anyone

Sleep Better Programme

I went to Jo for hypnotherapy because I was having big problems sleeping. I had tried various sleeping pills and was completely wrung out. I wish I had seen Jo earlier because after only one session, I had the most fantastic night's sleep I had had in a long time. If ever I have problems sleeping again, Jo will be the first person I see."

Stress Management

"I have only had a couple of sessions with Jo for stress and related issues and she has done in those sessions what doctors and various pills have not been able to..."

Stop Smoking Programme

Our first smoke free night went well thank you! Neither of us smoked :) It didn't even enter my head. There was the odd moment when people were going out to smoke and I thought about going out with them just out of habit but I was completely fine. My other half wasn't tempted either which was really good - thank you so much! Long may it continue!! xx

Stop Smoking Programme

"Hi Jo,
Hope you are well. Just came across your email whilst having a bit of a tidy up. Thanks to you and the hypnotherapy I've been smoke free for almost a year now :)
Many thanks

Stop Smoking Programme

Hi Jo,

Thanks for the amazing experience on Friday, I really enjoyed it and feel it has helped me reach that life changing decision.

Just to let you know I got through the weekend without any problem.  I was offered a cigarette on Saturday at cricket and, before I could think, simply said "No thanks, I don't smoke".  Best wishes

Stop Smoking Programme

"I've had no desire to smoke at all the last week or so. In fact whilst out watching the rugby in a pub last week' a thought jumped into my head without prompting.
Basically it was a cue to have a cigarette but instead my mind said "
this is when I would have a fag when I used to smoke".I also have found that as a cigarette and a
beer were so intertwined that I no longer fancy a beer. My wife thinks I have gone mad! Its nice not to be held hostage by a cigarette."

Stop Smoking Programme

Hi Jo

Happy New Year and I hope you had a fabulous Christmas.

I had waited a couple of months to write my testimonial as I wanted to make sure that I stayed on the 'straight and narrow' and I can happily say that I have.  So....  here's my testimonial

I had tried several times to give up smoking but I always seemed to fail when I convinced myself that I could have just one last drag on the after dinner cigarette and go back go being clean.

I found Jo via a google search and after reading her website booked in for a session.  

Jo made instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I felt as though I was simply chatting to a friend rather than receiving therapy for my smoking addiction.  She taught me how to get into my deeper subconsciousness to help during times when I was struggling.  I also learned a fantastic mechanism which I am still using today to turn down the crushing need for a cigarette - which I obviously still get on occasions after being a smoker for almost 35 years.

Now 3 months down the line I haven't had a cigarette and I have absolutely no intention of doing so either.  I was really worried about putting weight on, but I have simply recognised the signs when I am thirsty or bored and not hungry and so haven't put any extra weight on - except maybe a few kilos but then that could be due to the Christmas period.

I would definitely recommend Jo if you are considering doing yourself a favour and giving up smoking.  It has to be one of the BEST things I have done.

Thanks Jo xx

Weight Management Programme

"I had a hypnotherapy session with Jo to help me say NO to naughty food!! It worked and I also felt very relaxed during and after my session. I have lost weight and now have the self control to say no to cakes. I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Jo for anything!!"

Weight Management Programme

"Having never experienced Hypnotherapy before and always keen to give things a go, I decided to try it out in a bid to control and slow down my eating. Firstly I was really impressed with the serene environment I was faced with and Jo's friendly and open manner. After a thorough consultation, Jo began the actual hypnotherapy. I remember feeling like it wasn't going to happen and the giggles would get the better of me, when the next thing I knew, it was 45 minutes later and Jo was waking me from the most amazing sleep I had ever had!"

"I walked away thinking even if it didn't work then just the unbelievable relaxation and rejuvenation I felt afterwards made it worthwhile; however afterwards, I noticed without thinking I was instinctively thinking more about the food I was eating and the speed I was eating it... Perfect! Exactly what I wanted!! Now to stop smoking... Jo when are you free??"

Spider Phobia/Arachnophobia

I went to see Jo at pure confidence about a phobia of spiders which I'd had for as long as I can remember. Jo was professional and put me at ease right away. The session passed by really quickly and by the end of it I felt a lot more confident facing my fear. However this wasn't enough for me and I wanted to test it right away, so we went on a spider hunt, and found reasonably sized one in the garden. I couldn't believe that I was able to reach down and pick it up, I held a spider in my hand comfortably for the first time ever, and was even a little sad to put it down. I left the session feeling like I could do anything, and spent the rest of the evening on the lookout for spiders to play with! Thanks Jo!

Spider Phobia/Arachnophobia

Incy Wincy Update: Thank You all for your support last night!! I know some can relate to a phobia (irrational fear) and some can't but the lady who helped me most in that situation was Joanna Ellis!!! At 10 o'clock at night this lovely lady was the only person who picked up the phone to calm me down & help me through. Luckily for me Jo specialises in NLP and I have spent time with her before about changing my views on certain things in my life. She literally had me in tears with that 'lightbulb' moment of why I do the things I do. Last night we spent half an hour on the phone and she managed to chill me out and make me look at the situation in a completely different light. I moved from the doorstep into bed and felt like 80% of me could deal with seeing that lil dude again.

So when I went the bathroom at 1am and he was in my path. I found myself dealing with the situation and getting the result I wanted. (Maybe not the result Jo and any Buddhist would want but)

It wasn't pretty, I was shaking like a leaf with a Hoover (fully extended) dancing and singing a crazy song to distract and get me through..... BUT.....

I willingly moved closer to a spider.
(Then watched him have a rollercoaster ride to heaven). Sorry couldn't be helped.

((Ps I asked him politely if he was going to pay rent and if he didn't answer it was punishable by death - he had his chance))

Afterwards, when I'd stopped shaking (and hoovered the rest of my flat just to make sure he wouldn't crawl out later).
I stepped back and absorbed the feeling.

I've actually stepped into adulthood guys.

I'm living on my own and tackled an irrational fear that was in my own home. (Not one that I could avoid like a phobia of Africa or something!)

If you think pole dancing is 'empowering' .... Bollocks.

Greet a spider in ya kitchen with a Hoover and trust me THEN you feel like a Boss.

Thank You Jo for your time, patience and helping me tackle the thoughts I had about these guys. Just to let you know I don't like:: Ghosts, the dark, werewolves, anything scary & driving next to open water.

Soooo clear ya diary for next week
I'll see ya on Skype

Stress Management

Joanna helped me with stress, I saw her only a couple of times and the results were fabulous. She is so easy to talk to, she takes time to understand your situation and her treatment deals with not only the symptoms but the cause. She also treated my daughter for her anxiety and problems sleeping, Joanna was amazing, she treated my daughter on her level and after she had treated her she gave her some techniques to use when she was anxious or unable to sleep. The results were great and we only had to visit Joanna once. I highly recommend Joanna as a hypnotherapist and a coach, her understanding, empathy and techniques that you use yourself are second to none

Spider Phobia

I'm a long time Arachnophobia sufferer. As I've got older I've got better with little spiders but I was getting worse and worse with the bigger ones. If I was confronted with one I would panic and lose all rational thought. It could be pretty embarrassing at times! Jo at Pure Confidence Hypnotherapy made me look at my fears with a different perspective, changing the way I think about spiders, even allowing me to empathise with them somewhat. In fact it allows you to see how ridiculous your fear is, giving you the opportunity to get rid of it completely. Although hypnotherapy will affect everyone differently and not necessarily provide a magic cure, it certainly changes your attitudes to the problem. NLP helped me to realise I could deal with the spiders rationally and calmly. I£ve taken four out the house so far and am just waiting for a really big one to test out my new skills! If you've got a fear which can really plague your life at times then this is a great chance to do something about it and stop it from taking over.

Nail Biting

Sorry I haven't updated sooner but I am pleased to report i haven't bitten my nails since my consultation.

The skins healed around my nails and they are all growing for the first time in my life. The most surreal moment was the day after hypnosis I went to apply nail biting solution as usual routine to just think "why do i need to apply that, I'm not a nail biter!" I am absolutely amazed it has worked and why I didn't have hypnosis years ago, I just hope it continues.

I honestly can't thank you enough so far it has been life changing - it was a habit that was really dragging me down and i'm still amazed that after 3 weeks the thought of biting my nails doesn't even cross my mind.

Dealing with night terrors (children)

My son Matthew who is 5 had been suffering really intense nightmares, and even night terrors and I had to sleep on the floor in his bedroom as he was petrified of sleeping.

Jo has been a lifesaver with her child friendly approach, he opened up to her in a way that took me by surprise and she helped him use his own imagination to conquer his nightmares.

The first evening after their chat , Matthew kept waking but I didn't have to stay in the room which was a positive step forward, the 2nd night he slept until 5am straight (even better !!), finally on the 3rd night he slept for 11 hours without waking - fantastic !!!

I highly recommend Jo to help with any issue you may have, she has a loving and caring personality that will make anybody feel at ease.

Drink Less Alcohol Programme

Hello Jo ,

I really want to thank you for helping  me regain my confidence and start believing in myself  .Since we meet a few months ago my life has changed so much . I no longer  worry how people judge me and Ive stared believing in myself more . I am happier in everything I do , and my relationship with my friends have grown much stronger , I feel like I am able to be myself around loved ones . My relationship with my teenage daughter has really changed and we are able to enjoy being mother and daughter in harmony . I came to you because I was concerned about my binge drinking . After seeing you just ONCE , you made me realise that I didn't have a problem with alcohol at all it it was just with myself . Now I can enjoy a drink now and again  with my friends without guilt and remorse.

Thank you once again you are truly amazing xxx

"You're a fantastic hypnotherapist. Thanks for your help."

Dealing with Children's Night Terrors

Hi Jo, I am just amazed at how a chat with you allowed me to see it from a different perspective and therefore change how we approached it as parents.. It was so simple to do and has made such a difference. The other thing that I was also really keen on was how you said it builds the child's confidence which I think is so important! Definitely the approach I will be using from now on!

Confidence building

'NLP changed my life and stopped me doing some very stupid things and I'd love to give something back. Even if I only help 1 person like you helped me, I'd be incredibly happy and fulfilled!!'

NLP Practitioner Course

'This is a hugely enjoyable course and the learning felt effortless - thanks Jo!'

'Thank you so much for last night. I feel inspired in so many ways...'


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" I highly recommend Joanna as a hypnotherapist and a coach, your understanding, empathy and techniques that you use yourself are second to none" - Jo, Forest Row

"Jo has the fantastic ability to make you feel relaxed and safe. Because of this, Jo was able to find the stronger, more positive me. Thank you."

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What to do next?

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